World's largest wee-pad removed, officials say, but animals remain

The world's largest "wee pad," an absorbent piece of material upon which dogs urinate, has been removed from a Manhattan apartment after a full year of usage. The 5x7 pad, which was originally purchased as the family's living room rug, quickly became the urination spot of choice for Bailey and Kahlua, two Cocker Spaniels who share the home. "We liked the Arts & Crafts motif," said Kahlua, "and the fact that it looked expensive." Added Bailey: "We used it even when the regular wee pad was right there next to it." Efforts to discourage the pets from using it were met with panting and tail wags. In related news, the world's largest cat-scratch post, a leather club chair, will remain in the apartment for at least another year, according to the homeowners.

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