Naive family thought "old fashioned road trip might be fun"

A New York City family experienced a harrowing 1,300-mile car trip through three Red States, according to officials--all in the name of "adventure." "We thought it would be fun to be together in a small, enclosed space for 24 hours," said the wife who planned the round-trip to South Carolina. But the idyllic trip turned dark at the horrors they endured. "We had a four-hour stretch where the only thing we could get on the radio was Rush Limbaugh," said the father. "We were constantly surrounded by camouflage pick-ups with gun racks," said the wife. "And we were forced to eat at a Cracker Barrel surrounded by old people," added their two sons. A spokesperson for the Liberal Travel Association warned: "People think driving through America is all fun and games until they walk into a truck stop and innocently mention Obamacare. Then it becomes deadly serious."

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